Are Soundproof Doors Expensive to Install? The Truth Revealed

Looking to reduce noise coming into or out of a room in your home? Installing a soundproof door is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. But are soundproof doors expensive to buy and install?

The short answer is – yes.

Soundproof doors are more expensive than regular doors. While regular hollow core doors range from $50-$100, solid core soundproof wood doors average $150-$400 and multi-pane soundproof glass doors average $1,300-$4,000. These doors use rigorously engineered designs focused on noise reduction which increases the costs.

Now that we’ve established that soundproof doors are generally more expensive than regular doors, let’s dive deeper into the specific factors that affect the cost.

Why Are Soundproof Doors Expensive?

Soundproof doors are more expensive than regular doors because they require specialized construction and materials to effectively block noise transmission. The heavy, dense materials like thick wood, steel and advanced composites add cost compared to hollow or lightweight doors.

Soundproof doors also utilize multiple glass panes, improved insulation, and airtight sealing around the edges to reduce noise leakage, which increases expense. Precision construction is required to achieve optimal noise reduction.

While the premium pricing is justified for critical soundproofing applications, basic upgrades like sealing gaps or installing solid core doors can also noticeably reduce noise at a lower cost.

Soundproof doors cost more than regular doors, but can reduce noise substantially

Soundproof doors have extra noise-blocking features that enable them to effectively reduce the transmission of sound. These enhancements don’t come cheap, so soundproof doors are pricier than standard residential doors.

However, the investment can be worth it if you want to prevent noise transfer between rooms, block outside noise from entering your home, or soundproof a home studio or office.

While regular doors can let a significant amount of noise through, a quality soundproof door can lower noise transmission by 25 decibels or more. This difference is very noticeable to the human ear.

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Factors that affect cost of soundproof doors

Several variables impact how much a soundproof door will cost. The main factors are:

  • Door material: Wood, steel, fiberglass, glass – each material provides different noise blocking abilities.
  • Door construction: Solid core doors with thick, dense materials reduce more sound transmission than hollow core doors.
  • Weight: Heavier doors are better at blocking noise.
  • Soundproofing enhancements: Special seals, improved insulation, and floating door designs cost more but improve sound dampening capabilities.
  • Size: Larger soundproof doors are pricier than smaller ones.
  • Customization: Made-to-order doors tailored to your exact specifications tend to cost more.

Types of soundproof doors and price ranges

Here are some common soundproof door types and their typical price ranges:

Solid core wood door – $150 to $400

  • Dense wood core construction blocks more sound than hollow doors
  • Available as slabs only or pre-hung with frame
  • Can be paired with soundproofing seals and thresholds for improved noise reduction

Steel soundproof door – $300 to $2,000

  • Steel is thicker and more rigid than wood, effectively blocking noise
  • Pre-hung steel doors with frames cost more than slabs
  • Can achieve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 30 to 50+

Fiberglass door – $400 to $1,200

  • Glass fiber interior core with wood, steel or composite facings
  • Lightweight but excellent sound dampening abilities
  • Prefinished fiberglass doors cost more than unfinished

Soundproof glass door – $1,300 to $4,000

  • Double or triple-pane soundproof glass blocks outside noise
  • Sliding patio doors tend to be most expensive
  • Excellent noise reduction plus added insulation benefits

Custom soundproof door – $1,500 to $5,000+

  • Custom-built to your exact specifications for noise blocking
  • Premium materials and specialized soundproofing enhancements
  • Very heavy, high STC ratings, and airtight seals

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As you can see, there is significant variation in cost based on the door type. Custom soundproof doors built for maximum noise reduction carry the highest price tags.

Soundproofing seals and accessories add expense

In addition to the base cost of the door itself, specialized soundproofing products will add to the total expense. Common soundproofing accessories include:

  • Perimeter door seals – $150 to $300
  • Automatic door bottoms – $100 to $250
  • Soundproof doorthresholds – $75 to $200
  • High density door gaskets – $50 to $150
  • Door sweeps – $15 to $50
  • Soundproof door curtains – $150 to $500

These extra products are important for sealing air gaps around and under the door which can allow sound leakage. A high-performance soundproof door paired with proper seals and thresholds will provide optimal noise reduction.

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Professional installation costs $150 to $500

Very few homeowners have the tools and expertise to install a soundproof door properly on their own. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fitting, sealing, hardware attachments and operation.

Typical labor costs for soundproof door installation range from $150 for a basic interior door up to $500 or more for a heavy custom exterior door. Complex projects with additional carpentry work may cost even more.

Total cost for soundproof door and installation

When you add up the door cost, soundproofing accessories and professional installation fees, the total cost to soundproof a door ranges widely:

  • Budget solid wood door with DIY seals – $300 to $600
  • Steel slab door installed by pro – $600 to $1,500
  • High-end soundproof glass sliding door – $2,500 to $5,500
  • Custom soundproof door with top seals – $2,000 to $6,000+

There are significant savings available if you’re willing to install an inexpensive solid core door and basic seals yourself. But real noise blocking power requires paying the premium for heavy, purpose-built soundproof doors properly installed.

Are there ways to reduce soundproof door costs?

If your budget can’t accommodate a premium soundproof door, don’t despair. Here are some tips to improve noise reduction without breaking the bank:

  • Seal your existing door with perimeter gaskets and sweeps
  • Add mass loaded vinyl sheets to increase weight
  • Use multiple draught stopper rolls on the door gaps
  • Hang heavy sound absorbing curtains over the door
  • Stuff insulation or acoustic foam in door hollows

While not as effective as a purpose-built soundproof door, these DIY techniques can noticeably reduce noise transmission through an existing door.

Every bit of sound blocking helps when trying to reduce noise nuisance and improve privacy. Just bear in mind that a heavy high-grade soundproof door will outperform lower budget options.

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Weigh cost vs. benefits for your needs

Determining if soundproof doors are worth the cost depends on your specific needs and noise sensitivity.

For critical applications like music studios and movie theaters, the expense of soundproof doors capable of very high noise blocking is mandatory. Homeowners bothered by noisy neighbors or living on busy streets may also find the investment in maximum sound control worthwhile.

On the other hand, if you just want to reduce noise transfer between rooms or dampen background noise levels moderately, budget DIY soundproofing may suffice.

Consider your requirements, space constraints, and available budget when deciding on the best soundproofing solution for your home. With the right choice of materials, methodical installation, and proper sealing, even basic solid doors can effectively reduce unwanted residential noise.

Soundproof doors market growing steadily

According to research by Dataintelo, the global soundproof door market size is expected to grow from USD 1.02 Billion in 2017 to USD 1.48 Billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2017 to 2030. This demonstrates the increasing demand for effective noise blocking doors worldwide.


Soundproof doors provide insulation benefits

According to research by Enfield Doors, soundproof doors, especially those made from dense materials, can also provide insulation benefits. They help to keep the indoor temperature stable, reducing the need for heating or cooling and ultimately leading to energy savings.


Soundproof Doors Pricing

Door TypeTypical Cost Range
Solid Core Wood$150 to $400
Steel$300 to $2,000
Fiberglass$400 to $1,200
Soundproof Glass$1,300 to $4,000
Custom Soundproof$1,500 to $5,000+

Soundproofing Add-Ons Cost

ProductTypical Cost Range
Door Seals$150 to $300
Automatic Door Bottoms$100 to $250
Door Thresholds$75 to $200
Door Gaskets$50 to $150
Door Sweeps$15 to $50
Door Curtains$150 to $500

Total Project Cost Ranges

PackageCost Range
Basic Solid Door + DIY Seals$300 to $600
Steel Door Installed$600 to $1,500
Custom Soundproof Door Installed$2,000 to $6,000+


Installing soundproof doors is one of the most effective solutions for reducing noise transfer between rooms and blocking exterior sound ingress. However, high-performance soundproof doors carry premium pricing, with costs ranging from $1,500 up to $6,000 installed depending on materials, quality, and customization.

The investment may be justified for critical soundproofing needs, but is overkill for moderate noise reduction requirements. For most homeowners, budget-friendly options like sealing hollow doors or upgrading to basic solid core doors is adequate. Prioritize proper installation and perimeter seals over spending big bucks on the door alone.

With smart choices and methodical soundproofing techniques, it’s possible to significantly reduce unwanted noise without breaking the bank on expensive soundproof doors. Any upgrade from hollow doors will make a worthwhile difference. Do your research to find the best balance of cost and noise reduction that fits your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Quality soundproof doors cost $300 to $6,000+ installed depending on type, size and customization.
  • Heavy solid wood, steel and composite doors block the most noise but are expensive.
  • Specialized seals, thresholds and installation add several hundred dollars to the total project cost.
  • Basic solid wood or fiberglass doors with DIY seals provide good noise reduction value.
  • Prioritize seals and proper installation over the door cost alone.

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